The 30 Best Real Estate CRMs in 2023

A customer relationship management system (CRM) is the best database for realtors with leads, opportunities, and customers. Whether it’s an automatic pamphlet or a call from your representative, the system will track every interaction with them. This allows you to retain all of your conversation histories in one location rather than dispersed over multiple spreadsheets. Some CRM systems can even suggest the optimal times and techniques for communicating with a certain person. Aste33 is an Italian auction house which deals with the sale and divestment of movable and immovable assets.

Built by agents for agents, Wise Agent is a powerful all-in-one CRM for realtors. Additional features include the ability to manage inventory, create work orders, and assign sales territories to agents. You can also create assignment rules that automatically assign leads and customers how to reduce brokerage cost with CRM to your reps. With Apptivo, you can access your contact information, project management tools, invoicing systems, and email campaigns in one place. Apptivo allows you to access client data from anywhere and create powerful automation rules that save your and your client’s time.

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Consequently, a functional CRM system will increase revenue, boost your sales and save time for your employees. With the new CRM system, you can meet the demands of your clients early, right where the action takes place, which keeps them in the loop and trading on the platform. Finarm is a universal aggregator to find and contact the most suitable provider among top services. This rating system is intended to give readers a comprehensive overview of each CRM provider.

With its sales funnel automation capability, you can remove the manual work from managing your pipeline. Zillow also offers a free mobile app that allows you to respond to leads and run your business on the go. We wanted to make sure that all the options on this list were affordable for what each offered.

Many real estate agents don’t have access to a tech team, so customer support on all software can be very important. Whether you might need help setting up integrations or just to get the software running, customer support plays a big role in finding any software—especially a CRM that you’ll be using every week. Propertybase is a full-featured platform that provides much more than just traditional CRM solutions. It is a robust solution that can be more expensive than other CRM options and is really for a specific target audience of a larger brokerage or team. You can manage everything from lead generation to MLS postings and website development within the same system.

For those looking for more real estate-specific CRMs, consider investing in one of the paid systems, which offer additional functionality at a premium cost. We researched reviews from real users to gauge their opinion of each platform. This entailed ranking both the overall score from customers and the number of reviews on site that included G2 and Capterra for these scores to give the fullest picture of reality and reduce bias. Its features, combined with the hundreds of integration options, make it customizable for just about anyone.

Additionally, HubSpot’s commendable free plan allows budding real estate businesses to start without any initial investment and gradually transition to its paid tiers as they grow. Financial advisors seeking a dynamic CRM that evolves with industry needs and emphasizes efficient, effective client communication and workflow management. While its platform doesn’t include built-in phone or video conferencing, users can purchase RedtailSpeak as a compliant communication platform integrated with its CRM platform. Redtail offers subscription-based pricing per database rather than per user. Use this information to always maintain relevant messaging across all communication channels.

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Since its founding in 2014, Wealthbox has made tremendous headway in the financial advisor space, capturing the second-largest market share among advisor-specific CRM software. Its popularity can be attributed to its quick startup and easy-to-use platform, offering advisors the power of a high-end CRM with hassle-free operation. That, together with several key features, makes Wealthbox our choice for the best CRM for small firms and independent advisors. Salesforce’s biggest advantage may also be its biggest disadvantage depending on an organization’s technology capabilities.

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Real estate professionals can use the web-based CRM to create powerful, simple, and easy-to-use software to help them generate more revenue. Real Geek’s purpose is to improve the lives of agents and brokerages by combining new solutions and cutting-edge technology. NetHunt CRM is specifically created for real estate agents and agencies. This tool integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace, allowing you to close deals, manage contacts, and organize buyer profiles directly in your Gmail web app. You can also track your sales, marketing, and service efforts in one platform, allowing you to create a consistent client experience from the moment a prospective buyer reaches out to you.

  • Make sure that the CRM you pick is made for the real estate industry and matches your specific use case.
  • It also features a smart list functionality that organizes and prioritizes warm leads who are more likely to purchase.
  • With Redtail’s mobile app, advisors can access client information on the go, ensuring that they are always prepared, even for impromptu client meetings or queries.
  • With a CRM system, it’s much easier to follow up on prospects by sending them a message or calling them directly from a dashboard.
  • Salesforce’s biggest advantage may also be its biggest disadvantage depending on an organization’s technology capabilities.

The best allows brokers to access and filter data easily, with advanced filtering options to process data meaningfully. The right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can greatly accelerate the success of your brokerage. The best brokerage CRM will prime your brokerage for rapid expansion with an array of tools from affiliate marketing to ticketing support that paves the way from onboarding to retention. It should also be able to organize and manage client information to streamline business processes, increase efficiency and improve business yield. This tool also allows you to carry out email marketing campaigns, manage transactions, create email templates, and share Market Snapshot® reports with prospective home buyers. It also allows you to list homes on your site with the latest MLS data and allows prospects to see a street view of the property.

The value for the amount you’ll have to spend was weighed to make sure that each solution is a viable candidate to use compared to the competition. Additionally, we looked at the range of prices between plans and the value that each higher-priced plan brings to the user. We also looked for transparent pricing by a provider as some require potential customers to contact their sales department to receive a quote.

The best CRM for a realtor depends on their specific needs and preferences. Based on our analysis, Zoho CRM is a top pick due to its comprehensive features and cost-effectiveness. When choosing a CRM, realtors should consider their business size, budget and desired features. Emily Kho is a seasoned writer with a specialization in B2B, EdTech and real estate. She has a Bachelor of Science from the prestigious William F. Harrah College of Hospitality at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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