Cybersecurity Salary And Job Outlook

The company you work for is one of the main factors that affect how much a Cyber Security Specialist earns. Based on an average 2-bedroom apartment rental price, a Cyber Security Specialist would pay 15.63% of their monthly take-home pay towards rent. As the lead federal agency for investigating cyberattacks, the FBI reports that cybercrime is a menacing threat that continues to grow. This is consistent with Glassdoor’s findings that the average pentester wage is $69,123 per year. In 2019, the average tech worker’s salary was $145k per year in San Francisco, $138k in Seattle, WA, $133k in New York, NY, $117k in Denver, CO, and ‘only’ $113k in San Diego, CA. The same person earned $138k in Seattle, WA, $133k and $117k in Denver, CO and ‘just’ $113k in San Diego, CA.

Employers like to have a guarantee that their specialists know what they’re doing in the form of at least a bachelor’s degree in computer security or a related field. This related field can be computer science, data administration, network administration, or similar. Therefore if you want to succeed in this field, you must have an insatiable desire for knowledge how to become a security specialist coupled with advanced technical skills necessary for cybersecurity positions. However, entry-level positions start at around $71k per year while experienced workers can earn up to $146k per year or more. The overall pay package includes not only base salaries but also bonuses and profit-sharing opportunities which could further increase their earnings potential.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cybersecurity Salaries

Newbies in this industry typically spend three to five years in entry-level cybersecurity jobs to acquire foundational experience. You’ll see from the figures below that an entry-level position in cybersecurity doesn’t equate to low pay. An upside of working as a cybersecurity specialist is getting to choose from a variety of industries.

how much does cyber security specialist make

With the cost of housing increasing and medical care premium costs, it is essential to ensure you are getting paid what you are worth. Many courses, additional training, and professional development opportunities in your area can help increase your skills and development in your job or related field. In this article, we’ll highlight the average cybersecurity salary, including income differences by position and state. If you have any questions about the income you could potentially earn as a cybersecurity specialist, don’t hesitate to reach out to MyComputerCareer. Once you gather enough experience and reach senior status at one of these conglomerates, your yearly salary will be higher than in other companies.

Develop career skills and credentials to stand out

Education is an essential part of a cybersecurity specialist’s resume that will affect how much a cyber security specialist will make. It would help if you kept in mind that a network security engineer’s annual salary is smaller than those of the other positions listed above – on average, $79,686. An undergraduate degree may be required for entry-level work in IT security, but a postgraduate degree is not.

  • A computer forensics analyst earns a yearly average salary of $57,755, according to Glassdoor, and $73,892, according to Payscale.
  • It is directly proportional to the level of education and amount of experience an employee has.
  • You know if you are being paid fairly as a Cyber Security Specialist if your pay is close to the average pay for the state you live in.
  • Many courses, additional training, and professional development opportunities in your area can help increase your skills and development in your job or related field.
  • Cybersecurity specialists work across various industries including financial services, healthcare and government agencies where securing client information is critical.